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We got a sweet little boy from Wendy's first litter, named Koda who is now 2.5 years old. He was our first Pyrenees and Wendy did a great job informing us of the breed. We fell in love and came back for a second Pyrenees puppy named Ridley, a sweet girl who's full of herself. Very pleased with the quality of dogs and the help we still receive from Wendy 2.5 years after adopting the first pup. The breed will steal your heart!

-Cheyenne E.


Excellent puppies. At 8 weeks, we brought home our Pyrenees. He was the calmest, most well-mannered puppy I'd ever experienced. He was well-acclimated to chickens, and other livestock. I would absolutely recommend adding Wendy's puppies to your farm. The love and care she gives them shines through, in her healthy and happy pups.

-Sarah J.

I'm so happy I found your website and found them, I wouldn't want any other bunnies.


Sharon P_edited.jpg

We bought multiple ducks and chickens from Wendy had them for years al(l) amazing and beautiful some adults some hatched from our flock and some little ones. Every animal we brought home was added to our family never had an issue. Anytime we had any questions Wendy was right there to help guide us. We bought two beautiful shipoos (shih-tzu/poodles) at 8 weeks old and they have been more than a joy to our family. Beautiful puppies to say the least.

-Sharon P.


Our gentle giant.

My son is the reason we got thor in the first place since he is autistic and wanted a companion for him that was not human since he doesn't do well with others. I can't ask for a better dog he is so gentle and playful and just knows when to be a guard for my son and when to play. Thanks a lot!

-Tisha A.


We purchased Oreo from Wendy Roy and could not be happier. Oreo was very healthy and "spoiled" before we got him, but of course more so now. He is a very playful, loving, and extremely smart little guy. He loves to cuddle. This came from him being cuddled as a puppy with Wendy I am sure, but also the breed. Needless to say, we would certainly purchase from Wendy again!

-Eve C.

I visited Wendy needing one livestock guardian dog. I left with two. A year later, Wendy was looking for a home for two Pyredoodles whose owner returned then (no fault of the dogs). So I took one of those home, too.

The personalities of my three (now grown) dogs could not be more different, but they all have the same core traits : they are loyal, affectionate, devoted, protective and (mostly) gentle lol - exactly what they were bred to be.

Something that stands out about Wendy is that she raises the puppies around other people and other animals - including dogs and poultry - so they are non-reactive when they find their families. We have recently turned into a foster family for a local non-profit, and all three of my big dogs - and the two Pyr boys, in particular - have not only accepted but embraced each puppy we've brought in.

-Jaimie G.

Pixie and Paris testimonial 2 .jpg

I met Wendy Roy when a friend told me about a local woman who had ducks and chickens. Wow was that the understatement of the year! 

Wendy is an amazing, compassionate, knowledgeable, and ethical breeder of many species of small farm animals.

However, it seems to me her passion lies with her dogs.

I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered that along with raising her Great Pyrenees puppies, she also has a line of shipoos! (Shih-Tzu and Teacup poodles). 

It is evident that she raises them with love in a clean and wholesome environment. Her prices are more than fair.

I would definitely purchase another dog from Wendy (in the future) without hesitation.

-Marie S.

We can't thank you enough for Mouse. He's my bestfriend, our White Lion, he guards our house our chickens, when the baby was born he wouldn't leave his side. While I was pregnant he wouldn't leave my side - even as a puppy.

He doesn't let an animal in the yard - but is best friends with our mailman and our Amazon driver. He loves people. He is the most ferocious, yet sweetest dogs we've both ever had in our lives. We will NEVER have another breed and we will never go anywhere else for our GPs than to your farm. Mouse completely changed our lives and we love him to pieces.

-Rachael B.

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