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  • How can you save a puppy for me until he/she is ready to leave mom?
    You can contact us to put a deposit on a puppy, and he/she will be held for you in your name. You can even specify the name you want us to call your dog, so he/she can start learning their proper name.
  • How big will they get?
    Great Pyrenees: On average, females get to be about 85-110lbs full grown, while males can get up to 100-160lbs. Great Pyrenees/Poodles: On average, both genders of Pyredoodle can range from 85-100lbs full grown. Shih-Tzus: On average, both genders of Shih-tzu can range from 8.8-16lbs full grown, however, our adults are normally 7-11lbs. Shih-Tzu/Poodles: On average, both genders of Shih-poo can range from 7-20lbs full grown, however, our adults are normally around 12lbs.
  • How old can puppies be before they can leave their mom
    We keep puppies with their moms until the pups are 8 weeks old. This ensures they are fully weaned, and get extra time to spend and learn from their moms. By state law, puppies can go to their new homes at 6 weeks of age. However, we believe that puppies benefit greatly from staying with their mom for an extended period of time. During these two extra weeks, the puppies learn important socialization skills from their mother and siblings, such as bite inhibition and proper play behavior. Additionally, staying with their mom for a longer period of time can help prevent separation anxiety and other behavioral issues that may arise later in life. They also receive additional care and attention from our experienced team, helping to ensure that they are healthy and well socialized before going to their forever homes. We want our puppies to have the best start in life possible, and we believe that keeping them with their mom for an extra 2 weeks is an important step in achieving that goal.
  • Are the Great Pyrenees and Great Pyrenees/Poodles good with other animals?
    Yes. They are raised around poultry, goats, cats, and small dogs.
  • What do bunnies eat?
    Pelleted food (not just carrots!). We get our food from G&M Milling, which is a local feed mill in Statesville NC. Bags are sold as 50lb bags, which could last a single bunny multiple months. They also need hay, Alfalfa when they're young, and Timothy or Timothy/Alfalfa mix when they're grown. We get the hay in cube form, which is a lot less messy, and helps their teeth. Green vegtables can be given and are very good for them. Carrots are only treats, as they have tons of sugar, too much for bunnies (sorry Buggs Bunny!).
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